Social Thinking© Groups


Preschool (ages 4-7)

Using story books, creative activities, and concrete social lessons, these groups will focus on developing social concepts, self-awareness, perspective-taking and social problem-solving. Both typically developing children and children with social challenges from a variety of causes will benefit from this curriculum. The Social Learning (c) approach is an evidence-based curriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner, and effective in teaching social skills and social problem solving skills. Over the 12 sessions in 6 weeks, we will cover a common social vocabulary, learn how to use our eyes, bodies and brains appropriately, and practice these skills in depth. The curriculum is actually covered over a full year. A minimum of six weeks is needed to begin introducing the concepts! Students can come in and out of the classes as their schedule permits. There is a an additional fee to purchase the set of five story books.

Elementary Age

Superflex(c) is a program for ages 8-11 that focuses on helping children identify their own thinking and social behavior, and learn self regulation skills. Created by Michelle Garcia Winner, this is an evidence-based program proven to increase students’ ability to address their social difficulties. It is targeted for elementary age children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disability, ADHD, and other social challenges. We will talk about social challenges using safe, non-threatening cartoon characters that are easily identifiable to children. We will learn how to identify social rules and how to use flexible thinking to solve social problems. The program is a full year curriculum. A minimum of six weeks is needed to introduce each set of concepts. The students can come in and and out as their schedule permits, but consistent attendance will help.




This group is geared for middle school and early high school. We will work though the Social Thinking (c) curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner, an evidence-based program proven to help improve social skills.Our goal is to identify the hidden social rules, develop flexible thinking, and learn to use our eyes, bodies, and brains appropriately in social contexts. We will use the Thinksheets (c), creative activities, discussion, and games to develop our skills! Families will be asked to purchase the Social Thinking Thinksheets book so students can work along at home. This is an ongoing program, but a minimum of 6 weeks is needed to work on each concept.