About me

I’m a married mother of two young adult, twice-exceptional children. I’ve lived in Colorado for nearly 40 years, but I still think of myself as a New Yorker!

My background in cognitive behavioral therapy informs my work as a life coach, as I help people set goals, plan their journey, and achieve success. I worked as a licensed clinical psychologist for over 20 years, in mental health agencies, in private practice, and for the federal government overseeing child welfare and adoption services in the Rocky Mountain region. This has given me a solid and varied background, and extensive level of experience.

Working as a special education advocate means I have honed my skills as a negotiator, my ability to collaborate, and my understanding of being a team member. I always put your child first. I have training from the Arc, Wrightslaw, and I am a member of COPAA, the Council Of Parent Attorneys and Advocates. I have sat on both sides of the IEP table, as a professional and a parent, which gives me an unique perspective.

I am also the coauthor of multiple books, including Fighting for Your Marriage (2010, Markman, Stanley & Blumberg), 12 Hours to a Great Marriage (2003, Markman, Stanley & Blumberg) and Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder: a family guide to understanding and supporting your sensory-sensitive child (2006, Auer & Blumberg).

University of Denver, MA, 1983; PhD, 1991 Brandeis University, BA, 1980

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Dr. Susan L. Blumberg