Special Education Advocacy

Working with public schools systems requires patience and perseverance. I will help review documentation, assess a student’s needs and work collaboratively with a school to develop appropriate IEP and 504 plans. However, my in-depth knowledge of the relevant state and Federal laws allows for pressure on and education of school systems when necessary. I primarily work in Colorado, in all school districts, but I’m available to work across the country, through electronic systems. I’m a member of the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates.



Helping a student with disabilities prepare for post-secondary planning is an exciting part of what I do. Whether it is college, trade school or a job, I can help a family plan appropriately. We can look at life skills, school coursework, developing responsibilities at home or in a volunteer or part-time job. We can be sure the transition portion of an IEP, starting at age 15, is properly handled by the school.



People who are identified as having a disability label and also as gifted in any arena are called Twice Exceptional. They may require special help in achieving success in school or home. Advocacy for these students requires special knowledge of their needs and of the laws and resources available to them. I am pleased to specialize in services for these students and young adults.